A for Amateur

Blog Post 1

People start blogs with intentions and an aim to probably benefit their life in a way nothing else could. I may or may not be just like them in the sense I feel as though a blog may satisfy the subconscious thinking patterns that I cannot control.

I wouldn’t describe myself as impulsive not action wise anyway, however how do I define the fact in which I was scrolling through Tumblr and saw a blog post and though wow I want to start one of those. So now I’m here. Unaware of what this actually does. For all I know I could be signing up for a cult or to a site full of teens ready to attack any suggestive problematic activity or a site where obsessive fan girls explode over something that happened in  fictional land. This can be considered as quite daring (how sad am I) but keeping clear of a cynical mind-set  I’m actually excited to start a blog. who knows what’s going to happen or if I’m even going to keep this up.


p.s I don’t actually like berries I have a growing mistrust with them so that photo is very misleading (it’s all good the berries are gone)


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