I Hate Clarks.

I truthfully have always despised the well know shoe store, Clarks. Not to cause offence, but I find all their shoes replusive and would rather wear bin bags on my feet in public than their shredded cow skin. Firstly, their staff are just annoying; like the saying flies around shit, that is what a clarks member of staff is like. Now I’m actually friends with a clarks worker and she is lovely outside of work so I am sure these people are very civilised people. However, in the over lit shop I can’t bare being surrounded by them all.

Following on from the topic of over obsessive staff I can conclude that they are extreamly patronising as well. Now, I have a strange relationship with shopping especially shoe shopping. I’m either elated or an uncomotable anxious eruption of nerves, which turns me into the biggest introvert that just looks on the verge of tears. They constantly come up in my face asking the same drawn out question ” would you like any help here ” to which I’d say no but they always shoot back with the same repated ” are you sure ” to which I might aswell fall to the ground and beg it to swallow me up.

You’re probably wondering: ‘why shop at Clarks then?’ and quite frankly I don’t. In fact I avoid the shop at all costs its my mother with the strange Clarks addiction especially her crave for their granny sandals (example A) or ugly boots. She use to always insist me and my sister would get our school shoes from Clarks. Every year she’d drag us crying, kicking and screaming (I’m being very serious) just to get us to try on the sickening shoes and even with bribing we both refused. On one occasion my mum wasn’t taking no for an answer. She asked one of the ever so annoyingly lovely assistants to “help” us or her to get me some school shoes, to where she dumped me in the infants area where everyone was four and below, not forgetting the great staff treating me asthough all my brain cells had died out and I had no mental capacitly of my own. with much encouragement from my overly smiley mother I frowned through the whole experience and told them both I hated all the shoes and the shop, the women wasn’t offended she was too busy on cloud coo coo acting like she was a Disney princess from Florida to notice the excruciating pain I was in or the horrendous amount of disinterest I was showing. I call that plain ignorance.

I mean do you! But frankly, me being me is not enjoying that store.



Example A