Light of My Life Fire of My Loins

Today, 30th of March, I purchased a MacBook!!

My intentions behind this action were very rational backed up by great justification. first being exams. I have my AS Philosophy exam on the 16th of May, followed ever so shortly by ​real A Level subjects. this links in nicely with my second point of reasoning, THE COLLEGE COMPUTERS ARE ALWAYS OCCUPIED. Not to scrutinise my college for being highly impractical at supplying the whole college of around 2000+ students with a library of about 40 and a “computer drop in” of around 50 most may I add are possesed by first years munching on crisps whilst binge watching excesses amounts of pointless Netflix series. So this new change will be a very pleasant addition to my college life let alone for me since my old laptop (a Toshiba) weighed a ton and was far too big to manage. I cant even say it functioned well as late 2016 the touch pad broke and so I had to use a plug in mouse, which again, made using the laptop a triumph.

my parents were very much awear of my situation before buying the laptop but it was my reasoning to say that when my birthday comes around, in June, I won’t NEED a laptop like I do now. As in June my exams will be over and my hedonistic head will be nicely in place to make the worst life decisions ever so whilst I’m motived and devoted to my studies I felt this purchase was almost a necessity to my future.

So here I am, typing away on my MacBook, I decided against a pro due to the weight as I am evidently the weakest gal going. no but seriously, my friend has the pro and she whines about it being equivalent to a small cat (in weight, not function)


“Have you ever been told about the birds and the bees” 

No. I learnt my self, the hard way.
First of all the birds. Birds flutter and flap until their wings get tired and their bait becomes stale. Soon enough, they need more, they want more. So they fly high into the sky away from their nests to a new tree, a new branch. With their charms and claws they will build up the foundations of what could be. Until they suddenly feel a draft so leave again. Unfinished endings are left like open wounds. Because only the weak settle down, the young and feisty chase. They live for the chase.

As for the bees. We’re all afraid, no one can trust a bee. Although their fluecent fuzz shows kindness and innocence their actions can leave us poisoned. But everybody loves bees !! They leave sweetness and flowers, without them the world won’t turn!! Buzzing about providing the pollen. How on earth could such creature be dying ? Such species be dying ? You will only ever find out if you have trust in a bee. Having trust in a bee is the real danger, you believe that bee is different, that you have found a special bee who will stay in your garden and care for the petals that stand . A bee so gental, a bee so caring. But soon enough the bee will gather their pollen, with words of return. However, with so many other pretty flowers around how can the little bee resist? Your plants will wilt, dry, crumble for you know that bee will take what once kept your garden alive and give to another and another and another. Bees maybe harmless, but they sting.